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Who can adopt?

People from all walks of life can become adoptive parents and there are likely to be children waiting right now for someone like you to share their lives with. Most people will be eligible to adopt, but there are some criteria. Have a look and if you are unsure if you would be eligible to adopt, please get in touch.

For information on adopting step-children, see our about adoption page.

To adopt a child you must:

  • be aged 21 or over
  • have no criminal cautions or convictions for violence, offences against children, or sexual offences against adults
  • live in the UK (you don’t have to be a British citizen, but you do need a right to remain).

Our adopters can be:

  • married, single, in a civil partnership, living with a partner, divorced or widowed
  • of any sexual orientation or gender identity
  • of any religion or no religion
  • employed or unemployed
  • a home owner or a tenant
  • with or without children already
  • any ethnicity
  • able bodied or disabled.

Read more about who can adopt on our factsheet.

The decision to adopt needs a lot of thought and we are here to help you make the right choice. Contact us to have a chat and ask any questions about adoption.

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Adoption East Midlands provides the full range of adoption services across the region. If you live in or near to the East Midlands, we can help you along your journey to adopting a child.

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